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I-Beam recovered from crashsite bearing symbols that dot the length of the beam.

The Roswell I-beam was allegedly found at the Roswell crash site in 1947. There are a number of alleged beams, with various inscriptions. Some inscriptions have the likeness of "hieroglyphs", as they are shown to be small symbols plotted down the entire length of a beam. The beams were said to be very strong[1] and lightweight.[2]

Elephtheria beam[]


The alleged Elephtheria beam is witnessed in the Roswell Santilli footage that shows a beam with inscriptions that appear to resemble Greek letters. In the footage, an officer initially holds the beam upside down,[3] or wrong side forward,[2] giving the impression that the symbols are unfamiliar. It’s argued that his action adds to the genuineness of the footage.[3]

It’s said that the Elephtheria beam is broken off at one end, where the first symbol is, in the inscription set. It would have represented the first letter in E-l-e-ph-th-e-r-i-a, where the E ("Epsilon") appears to be missing.[2] The Greek word Elephtheria means "freedom".[4]


In the research of Ricardo F. Arantes of Brazil, he reverses the sequence of the symbols to produce his hypothesis: DI-U-R-E-N-E-TH-E-A, as in "DI (of) URENTHEA", or URANTIA.[2] The word “Urantia” first appeared in 1934 in a compilation of 195 papers, called the Urantia Papers, later published as The Urantia Book in the 1950s. There are roughly 2000 pages compiled in the 195 paper compilation. In these papers, “Urantia” is defined as Earth. At the end of a paper, attribution is often given to a celestial being.[5] These entities were allegedly channelled through an anonymous channeler(s). The project spawned an organization known as the Urantia Foundation, who provide guidance for the papers by a group of channelers.[6] Ultimately, the Urantia Papers is a propaganda tool of the alien agenda by its convoluted information on science and familiar concepts about God, Jesus, Lucifer, Satan, and Melchizedek.

Alien propaganda

If the beam is to be read as a palindrome:[7] Elephtheria (Freedom); reversed as Urantia (Earth); would seem to support the Solar Warden’s 1953 alien agenda of intentionally crashing UFO drones to key locations to Earth in a propaganda effort between 1947 and 1952. The signifance: to reveal advanced technology that will woo World leaders into contract (see 1954 USA contract).

Glyph beam[]


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